Movie film often deteriorates or becomes brittle, making it impossible to view through a projector. Before this happens to your valuable memories, have your home movies professionally transferred to DVD or videotape. You can then have duplicates made to share with other family members and friends.

Suggested customer preparation:

Number reels in order , by date or subject matter - use magic marker or stick-on-notes

To determine date of film, check the following:

Date or occasion written in the title on can or mailing box (yellow box sent to developer)

Postmark on stamp of mailing box

Date inside flap on mailing box

If there is no information about the film, the reels are digitized onto a computer and can be viewed to determine order and subject matter.

When choosing option to insert titles between reels or on DVD scene selection menu , write titles on sheet of paper and indicate reel number.

Work performed by Custom Video


Film cleaned and inspected

Torn or damaged film repaired

Leader spliced onto beginning of reel if missing

Improperly wound film corrected


Entire film monitored during transfer for quality control

Color, contrast and focus continuously adjusted

Film digitized into computer for additional enhancement

Blank or totally overexposed film not transferred

Black screen or no transition inserted between reels

Film returned in original containers

Enhancement options:

Titles between film reels

DVD menu with scene selection

Music background or narration


Film Sizes and Appearance



Film Length and Viewing Time


Diameter of Reel Length in Feet Regular 8 Super 8


Super 8


3 inches 50 3:45 3:20 2:30
4 inches 100 7:30 6:40 5:00
5 inches 200 15:00 13:20 10:00
6 inches 300 22:30 20:00 15:00
7 inches 400 30:00 26:40 20:00

Diameter of Reel Length in Feet 16mm




4 inches 100 4:50 3:00
6 1/2 inches 200 9:40 6:00
7 inches 300 14:30 9:00
7 3/4 inches 400 19:20 12:00