Photo and Slide Transfer

Create a video album by having your photographs and slides expertly transferred to DVD or videotape. You won’t have to wrestle with heavy photo albums or deal with broken slide projectors.

For your convenience:

Photographs of different sizes accepted

Slides do not need to be in slide trays

Photographs and slides can be combined in one video

Suggested customer preparation :

Arrange photographs or slides in order by date or subject matter

Number post-it-notes and then stick to back of photographs to indicate order

Do not write numbers on back of photograph or place post-it-notes on back and then

write on the post-it-note

Number slide container and arrange slides in same orientation if possible

Slide viewer is available to preview slides before numbering

Work performed by Custom Video


Slides and photographs dusted if needed

Image cropped to fill entire screen when possible

Each image adjusted for color, contrast and focus

Computer software applied to remove scratches and imperfections

Duration of image determined by customer

Transition options:

Cut – image is directly replaced by following image with no black or white between images

Dissolve – image fades away as following image gradually replaces it

Enhancement options:

Titles between images

Caption overlaid on image or in top or bottom border

DVD menu with scene selection

Music background or narration